Thursday, November 22, 2007

Daddy not sharing the cake candles.
We are all back on deck at last. Joshua went back to his 'kindy' for the first time in almost 3 weeks. The others are all fighting fit, emphasis on the fighting. Sadly for Josh, the little party with our friends has been cancelled a third time, this time due to the ill health of the guests.
I am looking forward to the election on Saturday. I cannot wait for an end to all this campaigning. Hubby and I spend a lot of time shaking our heads an asking each other whether people are truly that gullible. Our local MP was standing outside the school gates with a bevy of attractive young supporters a couple of days ago (BYO fans). They took up all the best parking spaces! I was tempted to tell him that lurking around the front of a school when you don't have kids there is generally frowned upon. I didn't because I figured he'd probably think I was joking. Actually I didn't get out of the car, because I already know how I am voting and he wouldn't like it.
Come on election day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We still have illness in our house. Joshua is still suffering from last week's tummy virus. We have been quite concerned for him, but have doctor's reassurances that it's just a slow recovery from a particularly nasty bug. It's been hard to see our usually vital and sweet little boy so sad and tired. Not to mention the horrendous amount of cleaning up and laundry he is generating single handedly.
Worst of all, we've had to postpone his 4th birthday celebrations indefinitely.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's been a long, and somewhat distressing, few days.

The Good: A pleasant weekend (for the healthy ones, more on that soon) spent with family. We celebrated a baptism and two birthdays. Babies were cuddled and cousins abounded. We always enjoy getting together with you all! Photos to come.

The Bad: We sadly lost our Cleo in an accident over the weekend. The kids and I are very sad. I really have nothing more to say on that.

The Ugly: A particularly nasty stomach virus swept through the extended family during the weekend. Turns out we were not immune to that one. All three kids and I were hit hard, fortunately Brett was well enough to keep us all in heat packs and cool water. All on the mend now, but still home from school.