Monday, November 16, 2009

November is turning out to be a productive month.

Shrug This, made from Nepalese recycled silk. It's turned out too small for me, but I am on a weight loss journey at the moment, so I will leave it and try to shrink into it. The silk feels so gorgeous, and I can't wait to fit it! The colour is a bit iffy in this picture, it's actually a peacock blue / green. And I haven't woven in the ends yet. I hate that bit.

My second teacher's Christmas gift has been started. This is one evening's worth of stitching. Once more the colour is dodgy, the thread is a gorgeous silvery blue.

The first teacher's ornament is all over bar the shouting. It will be a biscornu, so I have yet to do a plain square (with names and dates, I think) for the back. I adore this one, and will be making it again for my own home.

And today I made a beach tote to take on holiday while we travel to a gorgeous beachside resort for a family wedding. The pattern came from a newly released book, The Crafty Minx, by Kelly Doust. It was a simple plan to follow, and only took a couple of hours to make, factoring in two phonecalls with my bff and a snack break.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Field Trip!
The younger two kids have been studying space this term. Today both classes went to the Planetarium, followed by a picnic lunch in the Botanical Gardens. I didn't get to photograph inside the planetarium, but I took plenty of pictures in the gardens.

The Japanese Garden is always gorgeous. I think the intention is that it is a peaceful place, but I have never been there without children intent on falling in the water features and generally explore every square inch of the garden.

The water features are so darn tempting!

These swamp hens were fun to watch. The two chicks just about went mad peeping when they noticed the turtle swimming beneath them. The turtle had no evil intentions, but the chicks fled anyway.

I can't resist photographing water lilies. It's all to do with my Monet fetish.

The tropical dome is filled with the same plants I see when I head north to Mum's place. The geometry of the dome, and the huge leafy plants are so lovely together.
But I do have a headache from spending the better part of the day staring at the ceiling.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy 6th birthday, Joshua!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Weekend Fun

A week ago I went to the local craft fair. I took Samara with me, and we both indulged in exploring our favourite things. Samara had a great time spending her savings on beads. She'd originally said that she was going to only spend a small portion of her money (mostly earned with chores and tooth fairy payments), and save the rest for a toy she wanted, but halfway through the day she announced that from now on she was only going to save for craft fair spending money.

I spent most of my 'allowance' on knitting yarn, mostly silks. I have so many projects in mind at the moment. The knitting above is the first of a pair of socks I am knitting with Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. It feels more like painting than knitting. I am loving every second I get to work with these wonderful rich colours.

I have also started the teachers' Christmas gifts for the year. We have only a few weeks left in the school year. I did the above stitching last night watching tv. I like it so much I think I'll be making a second one for me. The teacher this is intended for has taught one or another of my children for the past five years. She has quite a collection of ornaments I have made. She was telling me last week that she no longer hangs them on her tree, but has a special stand for them. Sadly, this will be the last year we have her. Samara is moving into the next classroom next year, and Josh will not be old enough to move up. The following year our cherished little school will be closing, and we will be moving on to another school, with a whole new set of teachers. It's going to be tough after the close relationships we have formed with all the staff at our current school.