Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am now a blogger for Literary Illusions, a new blog dealing with news, celebrity gossip and opinions. As you all know, I am not really up on the celebrity gossip part - my music collection froze in the nineties - but I am really great at opinions. Just ask me! So I am the parenting opinions blogger there. I'd be thrilled if you all went over and had a look.


Kelleigh said...

Hi Emma,
I followed the link to Literary Illusions and I think I found your post - 'Kids Speak'? I tried to 'Digg it' but I need a Digg account to do so. I knew you were a talented writer! Kids must provide a lot of laughs. I imagine this would ease the stress of Mummyhood somedays! By the way I left a message for you in my comments!
Enjoy our beautiful rainy day,
Kelleigh xx

Emma said...

Thanks Kelleigh! I know nothing about the Digg thing, unfortunately. The kids do keep me amused, sometimes in a good way. I'll be over at your blog very soon :)

xsquared said...


meggie said...

That waterlily- Lotus?- is just gorgeous!!

Congratulations on your 'position'!!