Sunday, July 26, 2009

I don't know if I should caption this "History Alive" or "Don't try this at home". We (the kids and I, poor hubby is off being businesslike) went to a history festival held at Fort Lytton yesterday. I went in the hope of seeing some traditional arts and crafts, spinning, knitting, soap and candle making. No such luck, I'm sad to say, but we did have a lot of fun. There were explosions aplenty, to keep the boys happy; dueling, gladiators and plenty of chainmail. Samara enjoyed the ladies' costumes, some of which were incredibly elaborate.

The Napoleonic battle was fun, especially with the Bennett sisters sobbing and waving hankies as the handsome soldiers marched off to war.

Plenty of cannon fire. I am a fan of loud explosions too, so we enjoyed this immensely.

The Roman gladiators gave me a teachable moment regarding weapon safety. Lucky the ambulance people were on hand!

Late afternoon over the Brisbane River. It was a chilly day, very windy out near the coast.

We stayed to see the 64 pound guns (or whatever they are called) fired at the end of the day. Sadly only one went off, the other decided to be tempermental, and I can only assume that some men would be up half the night figuring out what went wrong.
It was a lot of fun, some of the displays were marvellously elaborate. We all found plenty to enjoy. I am going to send the organisers an email suggesting a few more arts and crafts, but we'll go back again next year, regardless!


Kristin said...

How cool. Sounds like a great wayt o spend a day.

Kez said...

What a cool day!

Meggie said...

Sounds like a great day out for all!