Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spring is sprung ...

And strawberry season is beginning. While my home grown berries are still white and hard, the price of strawberries has at last dropped to a level where I can consider buying them for the ravenous horde.

This afternoon we have dipped some in dark chocolate for a delightful after dinner treat. Darling husband has been working until about 9pm each night for the past week and a half, and we need to do little things to remind him that we love him, even when we don't see him. The poor kids have been asking me if he's even still here, he's been arriving home after they are asleep and leaving before they wake in the mornings.

Our dear little Abbey has been a sick doggie. She has been having seizures late at night, at first one every couple of weeks, but in the past week it has stepped up to every other night. Today she's had a lovely day, firstly visiting a kind vet who told her how beautiful she is and gave her some medications to help her feel better. Then we went and picked up the kids from school, which involved a slow procession from the classroom to the car, as almost every child at the school stopped to pat her. It's so hard being gorgeous!


Lisa said...

The strawberries were more reasonable and really good here this summer. Yours look so yummy with the chocolate. (Pretty pics, too!) I'm glad you found such a kind vet. She really is beautiful. It's kind of funny and sad at the same timte, the kids asking if their dad was still there. I hope he gets some relief (and you too) soon.

Lily Boot said...

Poor old Abbey - she is so beautiful she doesn't deserve to be so unwell - I hope she gets better real soon. :-)