Friday, June 18, 2010

The first of June, the first day of winter. Our fair city had a small winter celebration, The Saviours of the Lost Arts, an extravaganza of workshops, markets and tea drinking. The local Council invited the knitters of the city to do a little yarn bombing. The green heart is a logo they use a lot on local council stuff, so hundreds of green hearts were knit and attached to places around the city centre. I searched and searched, but never found any of my contributions. I did love the possum one so much. It's such a cute bronze statue at the bus station.

City hall was taken over by a vast spider's web, with a wooly spider in the centre. There was also the cutest line of baby clothes strung on the other side.

Notable legal minds clearly have interesting hobbies!

There are some large metal spherical sculptures outside the city library. These were wrapped into enormous balls of yarn. I was amused at how many passers by would pause to touch the yarn. The trees also gained a little wolly warmth.

And this kangaroo sculpture is exceptionally well dressed!


Meggie said...

This really made me smile!

Suse said...

Oh that is the best. I love the kangaroo in particular.

Emma, your name came up in my blog giveaway! If you would still like the Nicky Epstein book, shoot me an email at with your snail mail address and I'll send it up to sunny Queensland!

(ps. I'm so glad it was you - one of my longtime readers :)