Saturday, November 06, 2010

I do still exist, contrary to popular belief. I have been knitting, learning to spin and trying to keep up with the whirlwind of activity that the end of the year creates. The lovely little school my children attend is closing in 5 weeks, so I have been organising their transfers for the new school year.

Above is my first attempt at spinning. It's a bit lumpy and strange, but I like it. I didn't get a lot out of the first attempt, so the plan is to knit it into a hot water bottle cover. The next lot is looking much more promising.

I have been enjoying the birdlife in our tiny suburban garden this spring. This little fairy wren is hanging around with his harem. In this phot he was actually scolding the blue peg for infringing on his territory. The males are only blue in the breeding season, and the wrens remain brown throughout the year. I was so excited to discover a tiny nest in the shrubbery outside my bedroom window.

The kingfisher has been hunting from his fence perch. He pointedly ignored me with my camera, sneaking up on him behind the yuccas. They are such sedate birds. We have also been entertaining kookaburras.

My other little visitor has been a baby possum, badly photographed below:

I found him on the road outside our house, valiantly fighting off two crows who clearly thought he would make a most excellent lunch. I gathered him up, and possum sat for the afternoon, until I could take him to the vet to be passed on to licensed carers. He was unhurt, and quite snuggly once he had recovered from his fright. My guess is that he had fallen from Mama possum's back, as there was no sign of a parent anywhere. It's illegal to keep the wildlife as pets, so I had to reluctantly give him up. Josh and I are resolved to investigate becoming wildlife carers next year, so that we can help these 'furry friends'.


Meggie said...

What a delightful post! I too love the birds, and am currently mourning the loss of my lemon Grevillea, which blew over in a storm. The little wrens and the Lorikeets loved it.

Suse said...

Oh Emma, your comment (on my blog - can't find your email address so am answering here) made me laugh. We are clearly living parallel lives.

Hope you're better too now as I finally am.

But what struck me most of all was that you've knitted an Aeolian shawl! My god I'm impressed! I tried that but couldn't make head nor tail of it.

Have you put it on Ravelry? I must go and investigate.

Lovely to hear from you again anyway!


ButtonMad said...

lovely photo of that kingfisher -super blog. cheers, shannon

decorative said...

lovely post i love also the bird in the pics