Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We've had a really nice day today. We took the children and their bikes down to the park and played for the morning. I managed to do a bit of cross stitching and now we've just finished a delicious meal ... a chick pea and sweet potato concoction followed by jelly and custard for the kids. The dishes are done and I am feeling content.

House keeping is not my forte. I have never been very good at keeping things tidy, and, with three very creative little mess makers in the house I don't seem to stand a chance. I console myself with the knowledge that they are well fed, at least! Every evening I decide tomorrow will be the day that I get my act together, then tomorrow comes and I rush around like a headless chicken, and somehoe manage to just maintain the status quo, never actually improving anything.

I am hoping that, by using my blog as a journal, I might give myself the accountability to actually get something done. I am hoping that, anyway. I LIKE being at home, and I dream of a home that would be a sanctuary for the people I love, a haven of calm and peace. I love reading the thoughts of other home makers, they all seem to have it together, and it's so interesting to hear how other women are doing it.

Tomorrow I will try to declutter and tidy the dining room. My uni materials are in a mess and the computer desk is chaos. I have little piles everywhere that need to find permanent homes.
That's my goal for tomorrow.


Kelly said...

Hi Emma, thanks for visiting my site yesterday. It's always nice to discover other Australians with similar interests and values!

I agree, blogs are a great way generate accountability! I'll visit from time to time to see how you're getting along (if you have the atom switched on in your template, bloglines will update me when you've posted something new (pretty neat hey)).

Emma said...

Thanks for visiting, Kelleigh :) As you can see, I haven't got the hang of blogging yet! I'll keep trying, though.


Kelly said...

If you have any questions about Blogger please ask, I'd be happy to help if needed.