Monday, May 01, 2006

What a lovely Monday we are having. Other than the disappointment that Brett was called into work on the public holiday (fortunately he had the problem resolved quickly) we have had a nice family oriented day. This morning I got the floors mopped and sheets and towels washed and then we made a picnic of chicken sandwiches, from the chickens I roasted last night, and crisp red apples and headed out to a nearby park. The children ate fast, they were anxious to get out and play! They dug in the sand, played on the slides and ran through the obstacle course about a thousand times. Then we took the picnic rug down by the river, and sat in the shade watching boats sailing past.

Now, during nap time, I have been reading blogs and relaxing beside my sleeping baby. What an absolute joy. Samara is napping too, she broke her arm playing on our backyard swing on Saturday, and could use a rest. I can hear Christopher and his father, heads together, repairing a computer at the dining room table. Soon I'm going to get up and make fettucine for our dinner. Brett gave me a pasta maker for our anniversary, and I really enjoy getting back to basics, and making delicious pasta from eggs and flour! We'll make a sauce out of bottled pesto, cream and more of the roasted chicken. I am feeling creative today, so I think I'll even make a butterscotch pudding for dessert.

I love long weekends with my family!


Kelly said...

Hi Emma,

Your picnic lunch sounded great - what a lovely time you had. Wow you make your own pasta! I've tried a couple of times (way back), using a pasta machine borrowed from a friend. Do you use a pasta machine (for cutting the pasta into ribbons) or do you do that by hand?

Emma said...

Hi Kelleigh,

My wonderful husband gave me a pasta machine for our 10th anniversary last month. I love it! It's a really good quality one, and so easy to use.