Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tada! I finished off the candlewick cushion I was stitching on the weekend. As you can see, the tea washed out of it nicely. I spent six hours on Saturday creating that magnificent ruffle around it. It started well, though it took a while to tack the lace to the fabric. Then the instruction told me to zigzag a length of crochet cotton onto the ruffle in order to gather it. *sigh* I am the proud owner of my grandmother's Singer sewing machine. To zigzag stitch you have to attach this complicated looking piece of machinery instead of the regular foot and somehow, miraculously, the machine does zigzag. Provided no child has removed an essential screw from the zigzag mechanism. Soooo, I found myself hand stitching the crochet cotton onto the ruffle. It took AGES. I discovered I really do have need for a thimble, as I literally wore the skin of my finger. So after much whining and stitching the ruffle was gathered. My poor machine struggled through stitching it all together, but I coaxed and cajoled it to the end. I am extremely proud of it, aand it takes pride of place on my glider chair. Oh, and the reaon I know it took six hours? I watched the entire BBC Pride and Prejudice while I did it. Six episodes! And loved every minute of it!!

Here is my beautiful Samara modelling her brand new glasses. She's so cute!!


Tammy said...

The cushion is very pretty! My mom used to do candlewicking, but I've never tried it. The ruffle looks very nice!

Your daughter is adorable!

Kelly said...

Wow Emma! That cushion looks absolutley fantastic. You are so talented!! What an asset for your home.

Your daughter looks like an angel!


Emma said...

Thanks Tammy. I bought the kit at a craft show, just because I felt like trying something different. It was fun, and not difficult :)

Thanks for looking, Kelleigh! I do enjoy needlework very much :)

I am very proud of Samara, she' a very good girl!

Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

That looks so pretty! I love the ruffle. Ruffles scare me so all my pillows end up plain. lol It looks beautiful..and so does the picture itself, the way the light is falling on the cushion and glider. I'm so glad the tea washed out.

Samara is so cute. I love her new glasses!

Anonymous said...

You little girl is just beautiful, you must tell her how admired she is by your blogging friends.

The cushion is just wonderful, what a fantastic job you did. I was just about to go and wake little L up and I though "just one more blog" I'm so glad I stopped by today, I am inspired! :o)

Kelly said...

Hi Emma,

Thanks for dropping by the other day. Being in Australia you got to see my latest update before I took it down! You'll understand why when I post next!