Thursday, August 17, 2006

Grocery shopping day today. Usually I don't mind it so much, but today I had three little tagalongs, and they were not in the mood to follow nicely. I had a list, so I had hoped it would go smoothly, but after wrangling the kids through half of the list I was ready to just abandon my trolley and feed them takeout until Saturday, my next opportunity to shop alone. We survived, there is now food in the house, and I am calming my frayed nerves with a lovely hot cup of Earl Grey tea.


Tanya said...

But they're so cute - just like three little angels. I can't believe that they would be difficult to take grocery shopping!!!

Emma said...

Ah yes, they have all the appearance of innocence! But I am sure if you'd looked up from paying the cashier to see an almost eight year old vaulting over the bench seats you would see my point of view!