Monday, August 21, 2006

I cannot deny the truth any longer. Winter is over. Normally brief, this year it seemed to barely touch us at all. I am feeling let down by it, I live for those chilly nights and cool, breezy days. The sunshine, so harsh and glaring in summer, seems comforting and gentle in the winter.

We don't really get a true spring. If we do, I guess it is this week, as all the flowers surviving in my parched garden are sending up buds and blooming merrily. It's a limited garden at the moment, petunias, sweet peas which still haven't bloomed, aloe vera, pawpaw (papaya) and lime trees and a knee high frangipani tree. I have to water by hand, not hose. Our water restrictions, harsh now, will be worse in the next couple of months if we don't get significant rain soon. The long range forecast says there is a 10% likelihood of that prayed for event occuring, so I don't like the odds. Soon we will be banned from watering outside at all. In these circumstances, as much as I long to plant a summer vegie garden, it does not seem prudent.

Instead I will pray for lots of summer storms. My poor sad lawn won't last much longer without.


xsquared said...

I'll do a rain dance for you! This is the first summer in a long time that we haven't had any water restrictions.

Tanya said...

Thinking of you and your garden. A work colleague just came up north today and we saw some idiot's sprinkler on, running into the road, in the middle of the day. The friend said he couldn't remember the last time he saw a sprinkler turned on. Even though we CAN use sprinklers up here, it just makes me mad that people do it so irresponsibly. Sigh.

Ok, enough ranting. Am joining in xsquared in that rain dance.

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers Emma! I hope you get rain soon, apparently when you boil potatoes and veggies the water left in the pan is very good for plants (just let it cool down first, lol).

Vicki said...

Sorry that it seems like you've skipped over winter right in to summer. Such pretty flowers you have there though. Hope you get some rain soon!

Emma said...

Thanks everyone!

Megan, I am rain dancing too, even a cloud would be nice at this stage, though!

Tanya, it's been unseasonably wet up your way I gather. Mum keeps complaining about the rain up at Cairns. We keep hearing how much rain has fallen in Innisfail since the cyclone on the news. We have never used a sprinkler in Brisbane, and have lived here nearly 4 years!

Sarah, that's a great idea for the vegie water. I compost already, so it's a logical next step! And all my flowers are directly outside the kitchen door, so very easy to get to!

Vicki, thanks for understanding about the winter issue. I know it probably sounds strange to all you Northerners, but here winter is a nice break from the heat, like summer is a break from the cold in other parts of the world. When it doesn't happen I am not happy, but I can always rely on my airconditioner ;)