Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Menu Plan Monday
on a Tuesday
Roasted chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning
asparagus, mashed pumpkin, mashed potato
Grilled salmon, broccoli salad, carrots, mashed potato
Grilled steak, peas, cauliflower, potato and carrots
Marinated chicken breast, brussels sprouts, green salad.
Baked chicken, carrots, silverbeet, mashed potato.
Baked fish, beans, pumpkin, chips.
Roasted pork tenderloin, cabbage, peas and carrots, mashed potato.
This week I am following a healthy eating plan, trying to kick start a bit of weight loss. I have included mashed potato and chips on my menu plan for the benefit of Beloved Hubby and the skinny kids.
Don't you just love my little spaghetti monster!


Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

That is the cutest spaghetti monster I have ever seen! The menu sounds yummy. Good luck with the weight loss thing. I feel your pain. lol

Anonymous said...

Your spaghetti monster is adorable! Menu sounds delish - what is silverbeet?

Anonymous said...

She is just the cutest!

Margaret said...

Yes, very cute spaghetti monster!! So for your mashed pumpkin.... do you add anything to the pumpkin?

Emma said...

Thanks Lisa :) It seems o be working!

xsquared: Another name for silverbeet is chard, is that more familiar?

mrs blythe: Thanks! It's actually Joshua ... I have cute boys and I like their hair long ;)

Margaret: In happier days I'd add a little butter, but this week it was just salt and pepper. It was a beautiful sweet butternut pumpkin :)

Me said...

love the pooh jammies too...

much healthier than our week thus far

so far provinicial beef stew (short on the carrots as the girls ate most of them)

goulosh (from the recipe I developed for my dad when I was young and cooked for him while mom slept)

and tonight a souffle' because the eldest wants eggs...

Tanya said...

That's the way spaghetti SHOULD be eaten :)