Thursday, February 22, 2007

Join me for a cup of tea.

I have been all caught up in life lately, and I need a nice sit down, and a soothing brew to help me gather my thoughts. This is a picture of my gorgeous new kettle. The old one was leaking water all over the kitchen bench, and I was getting a bit scared it would electrocute my one day, so it has been replaced with this timeless little number. A whistling, stovetop kettle.

It is so much fun to pop it on the stove, and wander off, to be called back by the charming whistle when it is tea time. I am enjoying the ritual of it all. Putting the kettle on is slightly more than simply flicking a switch.

The kitten is not so impressed, however. The first time she heard it she ducked and scurried off into a corner until she was certain the threat had moved on. Yes, we all laughed at her, adding insult to injury.


Pam said...

I'll come join you Emma! I just sat down to read blogs with my "Blueberry Tea". Your new kettle is very cute, I love those types and poor silly little kitty, I would have laughed to I'm afraid ;)

Me said...

I am so with you on tea kettles and tea pots and with Pam on blueberry tea.

And well, I would laugh at the cat too.

meggie said...

I suppose I would have laughed at the cat, but I am aware of how embarrassed some animals seem to get, if they are laughed at!
Nice kettle,- can I have Ginseng & Lime please?

Margaret said...

I would love to! Your new kettle is awesome.

xsquared said...

Lovely kettle! My cats don't seem to care about our whistling kettle, which is surprising - they jump whenever the phone rings!

Kelleigh said...

Hi Emma,

So good to see you back! I'll join you for that cup of tea too!

Love your new kettle, I've got a boring electric one. A whistling kettle - mmm that sounds real homey. What a lovely idea.

Hope things aren't too hectic - how are the renovations going?