Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cold and tired here. I feel bad for not updating lately, but life has been getting in the way.

Last night Christopher (and the Australian Youth Choir) sang with the Keystone State Boys Choir, who are touring Australia at the moment. It was a fabulous concert. The boys sing so beautifully, and the integration of movement into the performance really added to the overall effect. Not to mention the fact that it's darn hard to keep boys still! They seemed impressed with our choir, and made a very big deal about the boys who are involved. Boys are very much outnumbered in our choir. It was good, I think, for our boys to meet such an enthusiastic male choir. In all it was just amazing. Voices like angels!

We're having a slow start this morning, as it was such a late night.


Me said...

Such a huge part of your life right now. I will be interested to see where this leads for him and for you.

Anne said...

My son was one of the boys in KSB. This was his first tour and he's looked so happy in all of the pictures we've seen. Our very grateful thanks to all of you AYC parents who hosted our boys. They are raving about your kindness and the warmth and friendliness of everyone they've met. We are so happy they are coming home tomorrow!


Emma said...

Hi Anne! I am so pleased to see you here :) We were unable to host any of the KSB boys, due to having a house the size of a matchbox, but I wish we could have. Your son must be so dedicated to singing, it sounded like a rigorous training schedule. All my thoughts for a safe journey and a happy homecoming! KSB certainly made a big impression here :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of the Australian Youth Choir Chamber Choir from Melbourne. I really enjoyed performing with KSB and I really hope they come again soon. We're hosting Vienna Boys Choir next year. If AYC goes on tour next year to America, you can count me on going!! Keep up the good work KSB!!!!