Monday, June 25, 2007

I have not been planning our food again ... I fall into this slump on a regular basis, I know. Here we go again. Brand new week, fresh start!

Monday: Portugese marinaded chicken breast, baked potato, silverbeet, corn. Dessert: Lime jelly (jello, for you international types) and custard

Tuesday: Beef casserole, polenta, broccoli and carrots. Dessert: Bread and butter pudding.

Wednesday: Chicken and lemon spaghetti carbonara, baby spinach salad. Dessert: Cup cakes

Thursday: Home made chicken nuggets (using tenderloins), chips, carrot and beans. Dessert: Fresh fruit salad.

Friday: Lasagne, fresh bread, salad. Dessert: Brownies.

Saturday: Crumbed fish pieces (from a box ;), chips, salad. Dessert: Jelly and icecream.

Sunday is the Cook's day off. She gets stroppy if she doesn't get it. I need to hire better help ;)

Edit to add: Silly me, I forgot to link to Laura's Organizing Junkie blog, without which there would be no Menu Plan Monday, and I would still be dithering somewhere in the back of my freezer!


Margaret said...

Those cooks are are so moody, aren't they? Same at our house, but she gets grumpy if she has to fix dinner on on the weekend AND lunch. So we often go out for a lunch on on of the days.

meggie said...

Hi Emma, I like reading your menus. Not all for me, but some good ideas. My daughter does menu plans. She doesnt have a blog or even a computer, but she says it makes for econimical buying, & planning.
The cook here gets a break now & then... the dear old GOM takes a turn. It might be out of the freezer, but hey! i will enjoy it!

Ranzige Bunzing said...

do you have a menu which include, as two sole ingredients, dust and flies?

Garden girl said...

wow just came across your blog - this is just fantastic exactly what I was looking for!!

bec said...

I know exactly what you mean. I do my menus on Saturday mornings and if I miss it for some reason it throws out the whole week!