Saturday, September 01, 2007

I could not resist these violas while at Bunnings with Mum the other day. Spring flowers always suck me in, even though our winter is scarcely colourless nor extreme in any sense of the word. The flowers always make me feel hopeful that the summer will be lovely, though in my heart I know I will still hate the heat, and that by February I will be gasping for reprieve!

Still, I can hope, can't I? MAybe this summer will bring the rain we still need. Last week we enjoyed a whole week of rain, but still our region only received a few weeks of water in the catchment. Just an hour north of us, enough water to fill our dams flooded towns and flowed out to sea. It's enough to make you weep.


Tanya said...

Those violas are lovely - I'll have to check out Bunnings up here tomorrow and see if they're in Townsville.

Glad to hear you're all healthy after the flu.

meggie said...

Thank your for those lovely flowers!! Just what I needed!
Like you, I always hope against hope, that the summer will not be too gruelling- or I will better stand it!

Kelleigh said...

The violas are beautiful. I have a recipe for preserving violas in sugar. Tempted to try it out now! Will check out Bunnings too (we live in Brissie now).

xsquared said...

Oh, they are lovely! Violas are possibly my favorite flower.