Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Saturday turned out to be a challenging day to get through. Our very elderly neighbour does not want to go into care, not even for a few weeks while his live in carer recovers from her own health issues. I think he doesn't believe that he'd get to come home if he lets them take him there, even though it's clear he cannot cope at home without someone with him all the time. Sadly, he is desperately unhappy and will do anything to stay out of a nursing home, and tried to take matters into his own hands on Saturday evening. I am very thankful that I was there to do something when he decided to call for help. It was a traumatic few hours, with ambulance, police and trying to contact his family, and an hour of candle light was just what I needed when it was all over.

Even though no one could sit still long enough for a photo taken by candle light!

I called the family for an update on our neighbour. He's unharmed by his actions on Saturday night, however he's currently refusing food, and appears to have been doing so for some time. He is remaining in hospital until some resolution is met. It's a sad situation, and I am praying that somehow he will realise that the people around him only want the best for him.


~V said...


Love your Earth Hour photos :)

meggie said...

Sadly, getting old is so painful for so many. I think also, that society's attitude is not what it used to be, & now many 'old' people are very frightened. My mother was so terrified of having to give up her independance, & go into care. I was lucky I got to care for her for the last 3 months of her life, before she got so ill she had to be hospitalised. I regarded it such a priviledge to have that opportunity.

xsquared said...

(((hugs))) So sad. He'll be in my prayers. What a difficult situation for everyone. How lucky he is to have a good neighbor like you!