Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At last the dreaded cushion is finished, photographed and passed on to its new owner. It is not as wonky in real life as it looks in the photo, honest! The design came from Handmade magazine, which has to be my all time favourite crafting publication.


xsquared said...

Its so cute! Love the applique.

meggie said...

Well I think it turned out very nicely! Well done.

bec said...

I just went back and read the disaster story - is it wrong that you made me laugh out loud at your misfortune?

I've had similar situations here too - sitting in agony after falling by the side of a pool but grinning through gritted teeth to reassure my weeping children that Mummy's ok, OW.

Glad you didn't have to incorporate a blood stain into the final pattern! How's the finger?

Emma said...

Finger's fine now, thanks Bec. It is a little numb but healed well.

Laughing is fine. Once I had been removed from the sewing machine I thought it was pretty funny too. I am srange like that.