Friday, May 30, 2008

Due to a couple of very crazy comments I have decided to place my blog comments on moderation. Word verification apparently weeds out the bots, but not the loonies.

Seriously, if your comment takes more than an hour to type up, it might be time to get your own blog.


~V said...

yep definately some freaks out there! Hope it wasn't anything serious hon!

xsquared said...

Oh, that stinks, Emma! So sorry they've found you. I had one for a while, but he or she seemed to move on and I was able to take off the moderation.

Margaret said...

Ugh. Sorry the crazies are out and about again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,
I found your blog and would like to invite you to participate in an Ambassador Program focused on kids nutrition. Sorry for the random post, I couldn't find an email contact. If you're interested, visit for more info. Touch base if you have any questions. I hope to see you in the program.


Suse said...

I seem to get those weird religious zealots.

Just lucky I guess.

meggie said...

I have had them in the past. I just delete & forget.