Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May in a nutshell.
Some month slip by so fast that you are barely aware they have started. May has been a bit like that. Christopher has had a week of band 'camp', which entailed hauling multiple kids and instruments around the ridges. He had final rehearsals and a choir concert (pictured below). Can you spot the tiny kid who's been gradually moving towards the front of the stage over the past three years?

He's not too hard to find, he is far left, sitting right by the stairs. We didn't get the best seats, as I was slack ordering the tickets. But at least we got seats. They had televisions in the foyer for parents who missed out on tickets. Every year this happens at the first concert.

Samara turned 8 yesterday. We held a party for her on Sunday. It was supposed to be small (we only gave out 5 invites, and 2 girls couldn't come), but when my best friend and I get together we have 7 children between us. Add to that the invitees, their parents, and G & P, and you have a whole lot of people in our tiny back yard. Everyone had fun. The girls made peg dolls as a take home thingy (I am not a big fan of the bags of plastic stuff and lollies).

Four dozen cup cakes were created, enough for both the party and to take to school on Monday. I have eaten way too much buttercream frosting.

The birthday cake was a very simple affair. Store bought double unfilled sponge cake, smothered in buttercream and decorated with flowers of marshmallows.

Now I am all worn out. Wake me up in July, please.


meggie said...

Like you, I hate the thought of all that plastic damaging the planet..!! Peg dolls sound lovely.
Happy Birthday!!

xsquared said...

Pardon me while I drool over those cupcakes ;) Happy Birthday Samara! May flew by for me, too.