Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The back yard on a foggy morning. It was the first day back to school today, so we didn't get to laze around and enjoy it, though driving to school is surreal on a foggy day.

I am taking a step back from the internet at the moment. Not cold turkey, I'd never cope, but I am sending my much loved modem card to work with Darling Hubby each day, so I only log on in the evenings. I am hoping that taking away my addiction will get some of the other things I wish I had time to do. I miss my blogs, but have already made good progress on some stitching.


~V said...

gorgeous photo!

You're brave with your step back, I could never do it lol

Megan said...

I love this photo! Well done!

Enjoy your non-internet time! I try to cut back on my computer time, but it is so tough. Sending the modem card out of the house would definitely help! Looking forward to seeing what you are stitching.

Margaret said...

Beautiful picture.

I will see you in the evenings!!!

meggie said...

Wonderful spiderweb pic!
I need to step away from the computer...LOL.