Thursday, July 31, 2008

July - Blink and you'll miss it!

First, a picture of my first redwork attempt. Not too shabby, if I say so myself! I didn't cut the strips of the border very well, though, so they aren't as nicely lined up as they should be. Obviously it's going to take practise. The magazine tucked behind is the one that I got the pattern from, this year's Handmade Annual. Handmade has to be my very favourite craft magazine. There are always several projects I am itching to try.

The next couple of pictures are to illustrate the wonderful chaos of my house last weekend. Seven little Australians, and four exhausted parents, all crammed into a house the size of a hobbit hole. It was funny, cute and very, very tiring.


Our newest relative. Isn't she adorable? She smiled like that for the entire four days they were here. I was entirely charmed.


Patrick said...

I love your redwork! I'll have to see if I can find that magazine. Such a cute pattern. You did a great job. I never seem to get my strips lined up right but I think yours looks good.

Oh my goodness, if those kids aren't all adorable. There is something about being cousins. :) The little one has charmed me, too.

Patrick said...

Oh gosh, I didn't realize until I went to comment on another blog that I'm under Patrick's name. I'm on the work computer and he has a google account. lol So....this is Lisa. :)

Me said...

Your redwork is lovely - I keep meaning to do some but have never got around to it.

Your pattern reminds me of Pennsylvania Dutch designs.

Regarding your question about the dress pattern - it was a pattern. It was Simplicity 3725 dress style C. I am considering making the pilgrim dress for my oldest this year.

Megan said...

Lovely redwork!

And just STOP IT with that adorable baby! I would have been charmed too!

meggie said...

Looking at that gorgeous smiling little face encased in pink, I am reminded of my daughter when she was a baby.
She makes this old granny, very very clucky!