Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have lost my cookies. This is completely different to losing your marbles. Perhaps losing my marbles would have been preferable. I rely entirely on my smart little laptop remembering all the passwords for me. I am not even sure of my email password. But yesterday my laptop died. Complete with every photo I have ever taken (not backed up, naturally). And my precious little cookies.

Everyone cross your fingers that Darling Computer Genius Husband (who brought home the new-to-me laptop I am using at this moment) can retrieve all my data from the old hard drive and put it on this one. Until then I'll muddle through without my passwords. Sigh.


Kez said...

Oh no! Fingers crossed for you!

Lily Boot said...

Oh Emma!!!!!! That is just terrible!!!!! I wouldn't have the cookie problem if my laptop finally rolled over and died - but I'd be up the creek with the photos. I have never backed up my laptop in my life! Oh dear.