Monday, February 09, 2009

Australians this weekend have been shocked by the terrible fires in Victoria. So far there is an official death toll of 130, but that is expected to rise as rescue workers manage to access more areas. Entire towns have been erased. Smoke has lifted to reveal car wrecks and untold horror as people tried to flee. Australians are generally prepared for these types of disasters, but the speed with which the fires spread in the 47C (116F) heatwave was more than anyone could anticipate.

On top of that, two thirds of our state, Queensland, have been inundated by floods for weeks. The monsoon is above average, but not excessive. I think it's a bit of a shock after years of below average rainfall. I am waiting to see if my family start developing webbed feet. If only the rain could be shared around the whole country.

We are blessed to be safely out of range of both disasters. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has lost life, loved ones and possessions in these hard times.

Edit: Donations can be made to the Red Cross. Coles Supermarkets have promised to donate all profits made on Friday the 13th to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Lucky for us (and the Red Cross), that's our monthly pay day, so I'll be stocking up big on Friday.


Kristin said...

My prayers are with everyone affected by these tragedies.

I am so very glad to hear you are out of range for both these disasters.

meggie said...

It is unprecedented horror. We are having a huge thunderstorm here, with rain pouring down. If only some of it was down in Victoria.