Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am rather proud of this full moon photo, taken on Sunday or Monday night. Don't ask me which night, I really cannot remember!
I have a very experimental approach to photography. I have a few settings, including ones called S and A. I usually only use the auto and macro setting for extreme close ups. Taking photos like the lightning, I set it to S and try alter the settings by increments until I find what I want. I have not actually investigated what the S means, though I suspect that it's something to do with shutter speed, and I discovered that photographing the moon and lightning require very different settings. It's fun, and the triumph when I get that long sought after image is well worth the fiddling around in the dark.


Velda said...

Oh I am in awe! What a stunning photo!

meggie said...

That is a very fine photo of the moon!! I suspect my method of photography is very close to yours!!

Megan said...

Gorgeous! And I totally know that feeling of triumph when all the camera fiddling pays of :)