Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Earth Hour, World!
Earth Hour is a much anticipated event in our household. We like candles! Though the lack of tv did begin to sting by minute 57.
We walked up the hill a little way, to a spot where we have a good view of the city. The lights were dimmer than usual; many of the offices had left their lights off for the weekend. It was exciting waiting for the lights of Story Bridge to be switched off, but all three kids weren't watching when it actually happened. Josh was disappointed that there were no fireworks. We strolled home and ate cheesecake by candlelight on the patio, watching bats and debating which planet is hottest.
It was lovely, without the constant noise of the television impeding every conversation, though I doubt our willing volunteers would be so amenable if we did it too often. So very different to my own childhood, which was without television until I was 11.
* The gorgeous wall sconce is from Dusk.


Kristin said...

That picture is incredible.

Emma said...

Thanks Kristin :)

meggie said...

We did the 'dark thing' too. Gom was disappointed in how much light he could still see, dotted about our district.

Emma said...

Our kids were a bit put out at the non participants too. We had to tell them that we can't just make everyone 'do the right thing'.

Velda said...

gorgeous photo! My kids enjoyed it too, altho I'm not sure doing it often will go over well to post my own photos of the night :)