Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have not had my cherished laptop for a couple of weeks, so I have a bunch of photos to catch up on. This moon picture was taken the day before Cyclone Hamish started affecting our weather. It was a spectacular sky, with a halo around the moon and wind swept streaks of cloud.

It was amazing, how you could see the influence of the cyclone, even though it was hundreds of kilometres away.

This picture was taken at the same time the following night. It was a very dramatic sky.

My rosella bush flowered this week. I am looking forward to jars of delicious rosella jam. The flowers last less than a day, so I felt quite lucky to spot and photograph this pretty blossom. See the sneaky little freeloader? Lucky for him I am a soft touch when it comes to bugs!

I have no idea why they are called rosellas, but the strangely shaped fruit remind me of parrot feathers when they are made into jam.

There is craft work going on, so I'll take some more pics and update on that front tomorrow.

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Velda said...

STUNNING Photos of the moon/sky!