Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's Easter activity day again! Some of us have been looking forward to it all year. Others of us tolerate it, but really look forward to the cup of tea afterwards. We spent the morning with the younger half of the school divided into groups, which progressed around activity tables. I was in charge of making bunny rabbit cards. They trusted me with scissors and glue! Heh. I only had to sticky tape together a couple of mistakes.

The Easter Bonnet Parade is the highlight of the day. We have spent weeks thinking about our creations. The Year 6 and 7 children had a theme, "True Blue", to work with, while the younger ones could do what they wanted. Christopher opted for a green and gold Aussie colour scheme.

Samara created an entire garden scene, with little chicks, flowers and eggs. She and Joshua did their hats all by themselves, and I was very impressed with the results.

Joshua has secured his status as heart breaker as far as all the mothers are concerned. He blows me kisses constantly, during Easter Bonnet Parades, cross country races, swimming lessons, whatever. He's so darn cute!


Kristin said...

How cute! They did a great job!

meggie said...

The cute factor was very very strong!!