Saturday, April 25, 2009

Winter is on its way. At least, we hope it is. Nights are that little bit cooler, and the mornings hint very gently at chilly days to come. Time to do a little knitting. Joshua is the proud recipient of the first of a series of winter scarves. This pattern was designed by Lily, from block-a-day, and published here.
The wool, a cheap and nasty from Large Craft Chain Store, does not do justice to the pretty, and very simple to knit, basketweave pattern. Next time I will use a much less randomly coloured wool, to allow the stitches to show to their full advantage.

I finished knitting and cast off last night, cutting the tassels while watching The Duchess, a movie full of spectacular fabric and extraordinary wigs.

The morning photo session was closely supervised by this lovely old gentleman. He pretends he's a wild outdoor cat, but his aging bones just crave sunbeams. He's actually black, but his love of sunshine has bleached him red. When the sunlight disappears he's most definitely an indoors cat.


Lily Boot said...

Oh Emma it's lovely! I really like the brown and blue wool - what a handsome young gentleman! Perhaps you need to go for a picnic at Jolly's Lookout - nice and early - that should give him a chance to enjoy a cool breeze :-)

Kristin said...

Love the scarf and what a lovely kitty.

meggie said...

Lovely warm scarf! handsome young lad.
It is getting decidedly chilly here so a scarf would be a good idea!
Love you cat, catching the sun.

Bec said...

I think I might be heading to Great Big Craft Chain Store to look for some of that cheap wool - it's gorgeous and perfect for your Joshua (probably perfect for my Joshua too!)