Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This sweet little thrifted wooden kitty found his way to our house recently. He's currently lurking with my most recent batch of soap - coffee flavoured.
Soap making suddenly got easy when I discovered hot process soap making. It's perfect for a family with a tiny house, with no real room for the long curing times required for cold process soap making. I made this batch in the crock pot, and it was an absolute breeze. It seems to have set nice and firm, and passes the tongue test, so, after a couple of weeks sitting on the cake stand, it's ready to hit the showers. Now that I have found my favourite way to make soap it's time to start perfecting the scents I use.

My current knitting project has received the Bella Seal of Approval. It's particularly soft and squishy, and has been a fun, fast knit. I'll be showing and telling more when the time is right.


Velda said...

soap??? in a crockpot??? noooooooooooo oh that sounds like fun!!!!! I'll forego the coffee scent tho...

Oh what is that lavender fluffy looks sooooo soft!!! Lucky kitty!!!

Christine said...

How wonderful to make your own soap, must try it myself.


Meggie said...

Love the idea of your coffee scented soap! Also that handsome kitty with the soft knitting..