Friday, October 23, 2009

Jumble Sale

After a stressful morning I deserved a little pleasure. Thrifting was the pleasure that ticled my fancy, so I detoured past every charity shop I could thin of between the kids' school and home. I was looking for linens, but came up empty handed. Then I remembered the church jumble sale that is open until midday on Fridays. It was 11:15, so I leapt into the car and made a mad dash across a couple of suburbs to get there in time to have a browse. I found a couple of very pretty aprons, but the real treasure was this tablecloth.

Hand embroidered, smothered in exquisite flowers, in immaculate condition.

And the cost? Five dollars. I cannot imagine how many hours of work went into this tablecloth, but I promise the stitcher, whoever she was, that I will cherish it.


Christine said...

How wonderful,it reminded of a cross stitch I got from a garage sale for $5. I had it framed for a fortune but thought the maker might know (it was a house clearance, the kids selling all their mothers things) and it hangs in my lounge proud.


Meggie said...

My kind of treasure!! I love it, & like to think it has a good home where it will be loved.
I have a similar cloth I got at a garage sale, & it has been lovingly worked in cross stitch with white lace work in places. It only cost me $2 & it is beautiful!

Damaris said...

What a lucky find. I was given a few of these sort of cross stitches from my mum that my grandmother had given to her and I also treasure them... Should use them though. No use sitting in the linen closet. Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy yours. xo