Thursday, November 12, 2009

Field Trip!
The younger two kids have been studying space this term. Today both classes went to the Planetarium, followed by a picnic lunch in the Botanical Gardens. I didn't get to photograph inside the planetarium, but I took plenty of pictures in the gardens.

The Japanese Garden is always gorgeous. I think the intention is that it is a peaceful place, but I have never been there without children intent on falling in the water features and generally explore every square inch of the garden.

The water features are so darn tempting!

These swamp hens were fun to watch. The two chicks just about went mad peeping when they noticed the turtle swimming beneath them. The turtle had no evil intentions, but the chicks fled anyway.

I can't resist photographing water lilies. It's all to do with my Monet fetish.

The tropical dome is filled with the same plants I see when I head north to Mum's place. The geometry of the dome, and the huge leafy plants are so lovely together.
But I do have a headache from spending the better part of the day staring at the ceiling.

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