Friday, September 01, 2006

Another exciting day at our house. Well, not exciting on a grand scale, but certainly not the monotony that I secretly dream of! I spent a few hours last night at the hospital. Joshua has an ear infection. It took three hours to get a script and a bottle of ibuprofen. But sitting there, wishing I'd thought to bring my book, I saw so many sad little kids and I was thankful that I had a healthy(ish) happy family. I also gently steered my overly friendly toddler away from any child holding a dish or bucket. We don't need those germs walking back in the house!

Today at school the kids are celebrating book week. They had to dress up with a cruise theme. My hula girl and tourist were the cutest children there, naturally, but some of the other kids looked great too. Though I don't think I personally would be signing up for the Pirates of the Caribbean cruise that the older kids were dressed for. Give me a well shaded chair, a beautiful view and a good book any day!

The little birdy pictured at the top of this post is Neddy Seagoon, the surviving chick from the clutch I posted about previously. He's grown into a sweet little thing, as friendly and curious as I could have wished for. We have just put the nesting box back in his parents' cage, and are hoping for more babies.


Tanya said...

So, so cute! The kids and the bird.

Vicki said...

Poor Joshua...hope he is feeling better soon. Love the pictures of the kids. Looks like a fun time. And cute birdie!

Emma said...

Thank you Tanya and Vicki.

Joshua is much better already :) He has entirely forgotten the incident now I think!

Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

Too cute! Your comment about the coleslaw in the prior post made me smile. :)