Monday, May 28, 2007

A few more photos from our trip to Dreamworld:
Joshua and Samara on the teacup ride at Wiggle World. It was clearly the most popular part of Dreamworld the day the we were there, crowded with wide eyed toddlers and pram pushing parents.

They had a lot of koalas, always fun to see. They're so cute and sleepy!

Christopher was thrilled to see a Tasmanian Devil, as he spent a lot of time doing a project about them last term at school. They're so darn ugly!!

Another sleepy koala.

And the tigers. They were spectacular! We managed to catch one of the tiger shows. Those kitties sure can leap! It amused me no end to see how similar their behaviour is to their smaller domestic cousins. It makes you just want to scritch them behind the ears :)


quiltorstitch said...

I love all of your pictures, that looks like a great theme park for kids. That tiger is just beautiful. And those baby ones aw! I want to be a zoo keeper too :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Emma,
Saturday sounds like it was a wonderful day all round!!! Wish we were there. Tom is sick and we are stuck at home (but that's ok as I'm doing a beached whale impersonation (only 5 weeks to go!!)