Thursday, May 17, 2007

With all the beautiful tulip pictures that have been appearing in northern hemisphere blogs lately, I had to succumb to the tulip love. I was very surprised to see tulips for sale at my local supermarket, and I had to lash out and buy myself some. I do love having fresh flowers in the house, and with the drought preventing any significant gardening I have to get my flower fix somehow!

I have been tagged three times now for the seven things meme. I am not a big meme person ... I read others quite happily, but I am not such a big poster of them. I am not even sure if I'll be able to think of seven interesting things. To grossly misquote a passage from Jane Austen's Emma, maybe you should settle for 27 very dull things indeed!


1. My family didn't have a television until I was 11 years old. I sort of wish we didn't have one now.

2. I am an accidental love bird breeder. I started with two at the beginning of last year, and now we have 7. Anyone want a baby lovebird? All the young are hand tamed, and very sweet.

3. I can't stand spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in menus and public signage. I inherited this snobbery from my Dad.

4. I was possibly more traumatised than Joshua when he lost his toy puppies about a month ago. He found them last weekend, stuffed into a tiny bag and shoved behind some furniture. The relief was palpable.

5. I have a teapot fetish.

6. Same goes for china teacup trios.

7. I have far more craft plans than life expectancy. Sometimes I worry I'll die before I get the stuff I want to do done. This is probably inevitable, even if I lived to 150.

I am not going to nominate anyone to do this meme, since I have seen pretty much everyone I know do it in the last week or so!


MiPa said...

Thanks for playing along! Love the tulips. Good to see you back.

~Velda said...

Those were great! Gorgeous tulips! Yes I want a lovebird, bring me one will you? As for signage, I go one step further and CALL the business, it drives me UP THE WALL! lol

Me said...

Lovely tulips.

I often wish we didn't have a television.

I can soooooooooo relate to number 7.

Margaret said...

Thanks for playing along!

I think both inherited similar traits from our fathers....

Yes, I think I could go along with that no television idea as well.

I LOVE pink tulips.

meggie said...

Lovely tulips - a worthy treat.
I inherited snobbery about grammar etc from my mother & grandmother!

Emma said...

V, I'll wrap one up and post it tomorrow. I'll pop a week's worth of seed in the envelope, so it won't starve!


hollyday said...

Those tulips are gorgeous! Your meme answers were great--you are hardly boring! ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your answers Emma :)