Saturday, June 02, 2007

This time last week, Christopher was hooning it up on the Dodgem cars at Dreamworld with his Dad. Today, it's a whole 'nother story. He's nursing a newly broken arm after a particularly dangerous soccer match. Now before all you family members start thinking maybe he's NOT taking after his father, Christopher was not actually on the field when he sustained this injury. No, he was tripped by a friend while they were fooling around on the sidelines.

I can't say enough about the school, particularly the teacher's aide who called me. She asked if I wanted them to call an ambulance, but I didn't know, since I had no way to gauge the severity of his injury. I was about 20 minutes away, so the aide jumped in her car, and drove down to the match oval (about 5 minutes from the school), and called me back once she'd seen Christopher first hand. Once I arrived at the soccer field, Neurofen in hand, she then drove back to the school, pulled Samara out of class and had her waiting at the gate so that I could pick her up and head off to the hospital.

He's a very lucky boy, the fracture was borderline, but the surgeon hasn't contacted us, so we're confident that he'll heal without needing more drastic treatment. He's in a collar and cuff sling, with appointments being set up with the fracture clinic next week.

So we're having a quiet weekend, loaded up with painkillers and interspersed with nice healing naps.


Margaret said...

Heal quickly, Christopher!

meggie said...

Hope all is well for Christopher. I felt that familiar mother-cramp in the stomach when I read this. Hate to think of any child sustaining an injury!

xsquared said...

Yikes! I hope he heals quickly!