Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brisbane Kite Festival.
The festival was held last weekend, at a large park, just a few minutes walk from our home. We couldn't resist the temptation to walk down and have a look, even though the wind seemed a bit gentle for kite flying. The park is designed as a large common, with a cycling track and trees around the outside rim. The common is a huge raised flat area, and just perfect for kite flying.

Most of the kites being flown were most definitely grown up toys, though there were a lot of families who'd brought along their dinky little kites too.

The sky was full of kites. The larger ones, once launched, were anchored to sandbags, and, in a couple of cases, parked cars. The size of some of the kites was incredible.

We were also impressed with the aerobatic performances of some of the kites. They darted, swooped and spiralled through the sky.

It was very hot, and we couldn't stay long, but it really was the high point of a very busy Sunday.


meggie said...

Kites are timeless pleasures for children of all ages!

Me said...

Delightful photos - I bet it was fun. My hubby would love to go to something like that.