Saturday, October 06, 2007

This week it was time to bite the bullet and fulfill a promise ...

After Samara's birthday excursion to Dreamworld, Christopher decided that only Movieworld could assuage his pain at not having a party this year. Hmmm, a houseful of nine year old boys, or Movieworld, tough choice.

Shoulda went with the party.

First we cured Christopher of his roller coaster obsession. But somehow fed Samara's passion for same. Road Runner has a lot to answer for.

Daddy took the kids on the carousel, so that I could take some dodgy photos of that ride. As you can see, he had soooo much fun!

There were some very entertaining things to see. The Police Academy Stunt Show had two of our kids on the edge of their seats, and one under his seat. The explosions were too much for Joshua (who had somewhat of a traumatic day, actually), but fulfilled every boyhood fantasy for Christopher.

But the real drawcard was the grand parade, and in particular, our family favourite, Scooby Dooby Doooooo! After the parade we went and saw the Shrek 4D movie (which has 3D glasses and adds feeling, in vigorously bouncing seats, sprays of water and air puffs on the back of your legs which sent poor Josh, already frightened by the 3d effects, shooting into the air. I had to take his glasses off and cuddle him tight, and he trembled through the whole show. I felt terrible that there was no way to take him out of the theatre. Thanks Heavens it was short.

The kids had a firm budget of $20 each, with whatever other money they brought with them. Samara had saved 5 dollars, and Christopher had $10 birthday money, so they felt quite flush! Christopher loved the Harry Potter shop, as did Samara, and Josh spent his entire budget on a stuffed Scooby Doo. All were happy with their loot.

We only lost one child, but found her again after a brief panic. We were in a particularly crowded area, and were only separated moments when I noticed, but it took about 20 minutes to find her. My kids have only given me a handful of heart stopping moments (so far) and this was one of them. She's learnt a valuable lesson about hand holding and paying attention to her parents.

The kids enjoyed Movie World very much, but we found that the rides were more suited to older children (and bigger children) than ours. It was also a hot day, 32C, and there was not a lot of shade. Super cautious me brought copious quantities of water and juice and we managed to avoid any sunburn, but heat does not agree with me. Ridiculous considering the places I have lived all my life.

Next we hit up Seaworld in November for Josh's birthday celebration, and we know that that will be very suited to a small boy who loves animals and getting wet.


meggie said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!
What an exhausting day! But looks like fun for all.

Kelleigh said...

Oh dear what a day! It looks like the children had a lot of fun though, except little Joshua ~ (give him a couple of years ;).

My hubby is very keen about a visit to Movie World too, but like your Joshua I'd probably find the rides 'traumatising'! I guess I can't put off the inevitable..

~ Kelleigh

~Velda said...

WOW that looks like GREAT fun!

Sasha said...

Glad you all had as good a day out as the theme parks can provide - you will love SeaWorld. Well, I did!!

Thank you for the comforting words - I am going to investigate buying the nebuliser today. Hope our MBF will cover it.