Friday, October 26, 2007

Sushi and Jacaranda Blossoms
It has been a relaxing day today. A sunny morning, a flash thunderstorm in the early afternoon and then lovely fresh sunshine again. Everything is washed clean and smelling sweet.
I have made (and taken some very dodgy photos of) sushi for dinner. Sushi?? Yup, it's my latest craving. Of course, in a house populated with picky eaters, making sushi can be a very fiddly task. I have made some with everything for My Darling and Myself, some with almost everything for the non picky Samara (who share my sushi love), some almost everything except the seaweed (ewww) for Christopher, and some with next to nothing but definitely not seaweed and chicken for hyper finicky Joshua. The non seaweed sushi is made with rice paper wrap instead. Yeah, I know it's barely sushi when you take away the nori, but that's what you get in a houseful of kids!

Meggie, from Life's Free Treats, was bemoaning the failure of her jacaranda tree to bloom this year. I simply had to flaunt my next door neighbour's tree. My very favourite thing about October is the way that Brisbane goes purple. As you can see, Meggie, I too have very ugly power lines, and let's not even mention the very ugly street. The jacaranda makes it all worthwhile.

When I was little I would imagine that the flowers were used as fabulous ball gowns by very tiny fairies. The long tubes, with delicate frills around the bottoms seemed perfectly suited to evening gowns.

My earliest memory of my Dad also includes jacarandas, and holding his hand as we walked down a spectacular purple carpeted avenue of trees. It seemed like the whole world was purple. I think Mum has a photo of that day, an old black and white shot of my Dad and two little bonneted girls. Even though the picture is not coloured, I see purple.

And now for something completely different; orange. Here are some of the lillies in my friend's garden. She and I are a bit sentimental about the lilles, because when Joshua was born she brought me a huge bunch of these flowers. When her twins were born her husband and older children brought her the same gift. When the lillies flower it's time to remember how cherished our littlest children are.


Me said...

Beautiful. My in-laws live in San Diego county and they had a jacaranda at their old house - in fact most of the neighborhood did. Many cities also use it for ornamental trees.

I've only been to CA once when the trees are in full bloom - but oh, how lovely. I can imagine - the growing up with it and how it weaves into the lilacs and peonies for me. :)

You know, I've never had sushi.

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Beautiful jacarandas -- they are stunning!

As for sushi... eeeww!!!! From your ultra-finicky sister!! xxx

Emma said...

Thanks Me, for commenting. Peonies are just so lovely, aren't they? They are a rarity here, as it's simply too warm for them to grow.

Hi there Sasha :) Glad to see you here, even if you wouldn't eat my cooking!