Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter time again ... and the school inflicted Easter Bonnet parade. Christopher's class made their's at school, with a theme of recycling. I love that I didn't have to produce two hats this year!

Samara's hat is chocolate brown because that was the only colour cardboard left in the newsagency. She loved her little nest of eggs and chicks.

On Saturday we took the kids in to Southbank. There is a playground there with a man-made creek running through it. We ignored the overcrowded playground, which we often find is full of poorly supervised little hooligans, and found a quiet spot on the water's edge. The kids spent over an hour trying to build a dam, and wondering about how beavers got so smart. IT was a joy to watch them working together, encouraging each other and generally being nice!

It was the closest I could get to a real creek. Sometimes I really, really miss the tropics and small town life.

And a closing shot of Samara, because she is just the most beautiful little girl ever.


~V said...

*gasp* children getting along? What a concept lol ....great shots, especially Samara, what a stunner!

Emma said...

I know, V! Then on Easter Day they were all on a big sugar trip. Monday was one squabble after another, we sent them all to bed at 7pm.

meggie said...

Lovely photos! Samara is beautiful. That water looks so clear & cool!

Margaret said...

What fun! Samara IS a beauty!