Monday, March 10, 2008

I was going to post a triumphant finished applique in this space, a cushion I was making for a little girl's birthday gift. Fifteen minutes before I expected to finish sewing it together disaster struck. A number of excuses can be made for my stupidity. It was very soft fleece, and needed to be held in place very closely, I was swapping between zigzagging the edges (it was fraying badly) and straight sewing the seams, and I was hurrying, as we were due at the party in an hour. Anyway, one moment I was about to zig an edge and the next the machine needle zagged right through my nail and finger tip.

Much yelling ensued. First I screamed. Then I remembered that sometimes hollering is ignored in our house, so I yelled out the reason. "Darling Hubby! Help! The needle's gone through my finger!"

That turned out not to be a good plan. All three of our children freaked out. The guilt I felt from upsetting them didn't help either. I stopped yelling (no point yelling when everyone's already here). The kids didn't. After taking one look at my still impaled finger, I kept my eyes tightly closed. Hubby was trying to figure out which way to wind the thingy that raises the needle. I was trying to settle the littlies down, and stay calm myself. It was not a shining moment in our house.

Thankfully, Hubby reversed the needle smoothly, and a bit of elastoplast and a couple of painkillers solved the rest. We were a little late for the party, but my best friend held up the cake bit for us. Present came from K Mart. Cake and an excess of sugary treats did wonders for the kids' trauma.

The cushion will be finished later in the week.


meggie said...

EEk! What an awful thing to happen. Hope there is no lasting damage, & can we please see pics of the cushion once it is finished?

~V said...

Oh dear Lord! I had flashbacks of stapling my finger with an industrial stapler years ago. I hope it's not too sore today! ((hugs))

Margaret said...


I hope it's feeling better today. And that when you return to the cushion it is without further incident!!!

Me said...

I cringed and cringed and cringed when I read that. I am glad your children have recovered.