Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This little fellow was on the screen of our bedroom window last night. He's cute, huh? Watching gheckos chase moths reminds me of long hot nights in the Torres Strait when I was about Christopher's age. No tv meant that some nights the most entertaining thing to do was watch gheckos brawling over their territories on the walls. They can be quite aggresive!

My life at the moment: messy. Josh has had a tummy upset since Sunday morning. Three days now I have woken to the sound of him throwing up in my bed. This morning, as I cleaned up another mess, I sighed "Oh Josh, I am so tired of cleaning up messes."

His reply? "I am REALLY sick of making messes!" That's four year old honesty for you. It made me feel a little bad, that I was whining, when he's suffering more than I.


~V said...

oh how totally cool! I'd love to have ghecos on my windows, instead we have mosquitos and flies ick...

Hope everyone gets well soon!

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Poor Josh. And poor you - few things are worse than having to change sicked-on sheets. Hope he feels better soon!

As for geckos - I think ours have all been washed away. I haven't seen any since the rain started 2 days ago!

xsquared said...

Oh no! Poor Josh, and poor Mom! Hope he's feeling better soon!

My parents' house down South gets loads of little lizards. Not quite sure what they are, but I love them as we never see anything like them up here.