Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eggciting Week!
In Samara's classroom this week they are hatching eggs, in keeping with the farmyard theme this term. Every morning the kids rush to school to see what has happened in the incubator overnight. By 8:45am everyone in the school knows exactly how many eggs have hatched and how many we are still waiting on.

They are adorable, all fluffy sweetness, huddled together under their lamp. The children in the class are taking turns to name them. Luckily these chicks will not be burdened with their names too long, as they are given to families after the program is finished. Many of the names are quite dodgy.

I was amused by the chicks falling asleep standing up. Their little heads would sink slowly forward, until their beaks hit the ground. Even that wouldn't wake them up.


Me said...

We used to order baby chicks in the mail when I was a child. We would raise them to butcher but I always remember how charmed all of us from Dad to us kids would be by these adorable balls of fluff.

~V said...

awww they are soooo cute!!! What a great school project for the children

meggie said...

The children love them. Have your read BlueMountains Mary's post about the hatching? It tugs at the heart strings.