Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Christopher
It's so difficult to believe that my little man is turning ten. Like every mother the world over, my children's birthdays are a time to remember that tiny little person and the miracle of their joining our family. Ten years ago today was a pretty rough day, a long day of waiting with very little progress, and then a brand new baby, born at a quarter to midnight, after the rude shock of prepping and an emergency csection. I remember almost nothing of that first night with my baby, though I do have pictures to prove I was there!

That was the day that made clear to me the true value of family. We were surrounded by wonderful people.I can't find the words to express the support and love I felt from my dear Hubby, his parents and my mother. I am all misty eyed just thinking about it.

It's our family tradition to send cupcakes to school on the day of a birthday. Christopher requested these caramel concoctions, made with real caramel sauce in the cake as well as the frosting. By my calculations there is almost half a cup of sugar in each one. I wasn't even tempted to lick the bowl after a little taste, they are so very sweet.

I happened to be in the school office when the kids recieved their cupcakes at morning break. They all sounded very impressed by the flavour. I am certain that these cakes will be a regular request.
Now to clean the caramel sticky floor...


Kez said...

Happy b'day Christopher!

Those cupcakes look delicious!!

Velda said...

Happy birthday honey...

Gosh I got zits just looking at those lol

Me said...

Your sleepy post made me smile. I hope you get caught up soon!

Happy birthday for your little man!

Kristin said...

Happy, happy birthday Christopher!

meggie said...

Happy belated Birthday to your beautiful son.
Those cakes look a little sweet to me, too!

Love your sweet peas, wish I had some.
Love the puppy & kitty.