Sunday, August 17, 2008

The sweet peas I planted in autumn are beginning to bloom this week. They are one of my favourite flowers, a happy memory of a whole fence of them, smelling so sweet.

We bought a mixed packet, but all we have is pink so far. There are some yellowy buds, so we can't wait to see that colour. The buds are much more muted than the pinkness of the petals.

I am making progress on Cinderella. It's nice to feel like stitching again. I have had a very productive weekend, almost finished my first solo quilt effort, finished a dress for Samara, bar the buttonholes. I want to do a few practise ones first - never having done a button hole before.

And here are a couple of pictures of my littlest weirdo, dressed in his super hero outfit (Mr Goggles!) and hiding in his stronghold. No evil villain will find him here!


Me said...

Wow, it has been a productive weekend. I am very impressed.

I love sweet peas but really haven't done well with them at this house.

Mr Goggles is my kind of hero!!

Margaret said...

Love the sweetpeas! Went camping this week and the trees were starting to turn already!

Lily Boot said...

sweet peas are my absolute favourite - lucky you having that beautiful scent to wander out to! Mind you, it clearly isn't luck - you took the time to plant and nurture them and I forget each year until I look enviously upon someone else's crop! :-) What great productivity and awesome super hero!