Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Day on the Bay

Joshua's Prep class spent a day out today. We boarded the MV Heritage, a boat used by the Education Department for school educational excursions. We sailed to Wellington Point, where we disembarked to explore the sand dunes and mud flats.

We saw an osprey's nest.

There was so much to look at!

We saw little hermit crabs ...

and really big ones! Joshua was intrigued with the stalky eyes. Very cool. And they tickle on your hand.
It was an awesome day. And the best bit is that I get to go again tomorrow with Samara's class. Apparently it's going to involve mangroves, and a whole mess of mud.


Small Town Mamma said...

got to love boats! Oh, and kids and mud as well!

Kristin said...

What a fun field trip.

Lily Boot said...

Oh awesome! I love those mud flats at Wellington Point - I can cheerfully spend hours peering at all the life that crawls along there. And sand dunes - now you'll have to fill me in - where are they?