Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today feels like the first day of summer. We packed kids and Gran into the car and dragged them down to Cleveland, about 1/2 an hour away, to see the set of the Dawn Treader. How exciting, that they are making a Narnia movie right here!

Being Sunday, they weren't filming today, but there were a lot of people around having a look, and many stressed out security guards.

We loved the detail, especially the lantern hanging from the tail of the ship. It is entirely built on dry land, with no hull, but the filming is done in such a way that our beautiful bay will be visible in the background.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

And these cockatoos were squabbling nearby. They are such cheeky birds. As we were leaving we saw one hanging from a powerline by its beak. They are so much fun to watch.


Me said...

way, way too cool

lily boot said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I had no idea the Dawn Treader is down at Cleveland - we were there this afternoon! We will have to go down and take a look - awesome! And you're right, our bay is beautiful :-)

Suse said...

Oh wow, thanks! I'll show Son #3 those photos tomorrow morning!