Monday, November 27, 2006

Menu Plan Monday
Monday: Asparagus Quiche and salad (life got in the way of this meal last week)
Tuesday: Steak with creamy mustard sauce, pumpkin, silverbeet (chard), carrots.
Wednesday: Grilled Maple Chicken, mashed pumpkin, broccoli and carrots.
Thursday: Tagliatelle with spinach and pine nuts, salad.
Friday: Grilled salmon, salad, chips for the kids.
Saturday: Stirfried chicken and vegies, rice.
Sunday: Roast vegetable, mint and fetta penne. (This was a huge hit last week.)
So the plans are laid, just got to go shopping. We have been staying right on track with our healthy eating. Beloved Husband is a tremendous help, as he has WAY more willpower than I. We're trying a bunch of new healthy recipes this week, even the creamy sauce is made low fat. I'll let you know how it goes!


Lisa said...

It's so awesome how you're sticking with this. I quit smoking (almost a year now) but eating is another thing. I'm hopeless! lol Love that pic. I have a couple of pictures of my kids when they were little asleep in their food. :)

michelle said...

OHhh I love the picture of the sleeping child!!! You're recipes look delish. Have a great day

Anonymous said...

That picture is just too adorable! lol

The roasted vegetable, feta, and mint pasta sounds amazing! Do you have a recipe? I'd love to have it!


Vicki said...

Good for you for being so organized, Love the picture!!

Melessa said...

That picture is the BEST! It sounds like you all are eating well this week.

Me said...

Love the photo...sweetness indeed.

Proverbs31 said...

This is "health" food? I sounds DELICIOUS! ;) Great menu! And the sleeping child is too cute.

Suse said...

that photo is priceless

xsquared said...

Love the photo! I'm so disorganized this week, still haven't planned a menu!