Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We have been down to the Gold Coast for a delightful weekend of sandcastles and surf. It was a much needed weekend of R&R for Brett, after several hard weeks of work. He was given Friday, his birthday, off, and we travelled down after school on Friday afternoon, as his Mum was cooking a delicious birthday dinner (Nanny Pawpaw's honey chicken, potato bake and sticky date pudding with caramel sauce - a little taste of heaven right here on earth!).
Saturday was spent at the beach, followed by a shopping trip for Brett and myself and a nap for the kids. (Thanks Grandma and Pop!) We bought a suit for Brett, to wear to the work Christmas Do next weekend, and some shoes. Quite a spree for my sweet hubby! Barbequed sausages at the park, courtesy of Pop, followed by a viewing of Wizard of Oz, made for a relaxing evening.
On Sunday Grandma and I took the children to the swimming pool while Brett and Pop went to an electronics sale. I took an impromptu dip when Joshua slid down a hand rail and disappeared under water. I leapt in after him, shoes and all, and reached him just as he was coming back up to the surface. He was fine, even a little impressed at his own 'swimming', but I was a bit shaky after that. And my shoes were squelching. Brand new leather Colorado shoes. *sigh* They have dried out now. Fortunately my watch didn't get wet!
So we're all adventured out. The kids were so tired when we got home, and Joshua is still a bit tired and cranky two days later. He's been practising his tantrum skills, and is perfecting them nicely. The terrible twos are a myth, it's the threes you gotta be scared of!


MiPa said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! The threes were much harder with my eldest than twos. My youngest may never see two, she is worse at 20 months than her sister ever was! Hang in there!

Margaret said...

Sounds like fun! Well except for the unexpected dip!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I agree - the threes are like the twos but with personality overload!

sounds like a great weekend, I am SO envious.

Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

Oh man....you don't realize how much energy you have until one of your kids seems to be in trouble, huh? I can remember hearing a couple of times, "I didn't know you could run like that." lol

Otherwise, it sounded like a perfectly lovely vacation. :)

qacmom said...

Sounds like a great time although I know you could have done without the dip. Andy has had to do that once before although he lost a camera in the process...better a camera than Taylor though.